Six sports journalists reported to be leaving Telegraph, Times chief sports writer Simon Barnes also axed

At least six sports journalists have reportedly been axed by Telegraph Media Group this week.

According to the Sports Journalists’ Association, chief sports correspondent Ian Chadband is among those who are to leave the paper.

The association has also named five other sports journalists who are said be leaving.

It has also today reported that The Times’s Simon Barnes is leaving the News UK paper after 32 years. According to blogger Mark Avery, cited by the SJA, Barnes claimed the paper could no longer afford to pay his wages.

Barnes told him:

Their line to me was that they were selling their top striker because they could no longer afford his wages. I was pretty shocked, though I was aware that a decent salary makes you vulnerable. I’ve been writing for The Times since 1982, and and I’m sorry it had to end like this. I’ve been able to work on some great stories — elephant corridors in India and London 2012, the Peak District and Wimbledon 2013. I’m making rather a point of not looking backwards right now, so I’m trying not to speculate on why I left."

Press Gazette understands that the six exits from the Telegraph comprise two full-timers, and four contributors. The two staffers who are leaving are included in the 12 Telegraph redundancies which Press Gazette reported earlier this month. The Telegraph said it is also recruiting 40 journalists.

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