Sir Ray Tindle increases staff bonus after Press Gazette story error

When Press Gazette reported news that Sir Ray Tindle was to pay a bonus to all staff this year, we reported the range of payments as being from £400 to £150, rather than the £400  to £125 which had actually been announced.

Being a good egg, Sir Ray chose not to fire off a blistering letter to Press Gazette editorial demanding an immediate correction but instead adopted a different approach.

Here's Tindle Newspapers' version of events:

Sue Yates, a TNL director, asked the Board “What are we going to do about this?”

“Well” answered Sir Ray Tindle, the chairman, “we could just ask for a correction”.

“We could” said Sue “but we met Dominic Ponsford of Press Gazette at our Greenwich Mercury ‘do’ last week and I quite liked him so I vote for Press Gazette’s version of our bonus!”

Dominic and Sue won the day.  The TNL minimum bonus will be £150 this year!

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