Sir Charles Wheeler: Tributes to the BBC veteran

“Charles offered me advice on just about anything and everything. I’ll miss him as an inspiration and a mentor.”
Gavin Esler, The Independent on Sunday

“The grandeur of his reputation made ambassadors and cabinet ministers of many different countries rise deferentially when he came into the room.”
John Simpson, The Independent

“Wheeler was relentless in his search for the truth, and wasn’t afraid to tell it as it was. Sometimes with rather alarming results.”
Jane Fryer, Daily Mail

“He could, at times, be a ferocious interviewer, politely refusing to let the victim evade or obfuscate.”
Harold Jackson, The Guardian

“He was always meticulous in reporting the facts but often far from objective. It was one of his great strengths as a broadcaster.”
Sue Cameron, Financial Times

“Often ahead of the press corps, he exploited the contacts he had built up during seven years in Washington to provide the fullest and most comprehensive reporting available in the British media”
The Times

“Producers found it difficult to get him to take deadlines seriously when he was on to a good story, and he had an astonishing knack for getting up the noses of officialdom.”
Daily Telegraph

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