Sir Bob's apology fails to convince

“All I was saying was could we focus on pulling together on the G8
and, regardless of our political stand, focus on that?” Sorry, Sir Bob.
I don’t f****** remember you even TRYING to say that bit. But I DO
remember you saying that, it’s true what they say, rock stars have
bigger knobs than journalists, and that – apart from The Sun – we were
a disgrace. It was you who made the Press Awards a “yaboo thing” with a
f****** disgraceful below-the-belt attack on the very people who can
help you make a difference to the world. Some of whom (you must have
left early and missed this bit) put their f****** lives on the line
every day to report on war, repression, famine and human rights abuses.

Give us a proper f****** apology. Now!

Matthew Clark London SE3

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