Sign of the times at Sunday Telegraph?

I’m told that £500,000 was the cost to Sunday Telegraph bosses of the departure of
former editor Patience Wheatcroft.

Axegrinder has, for several months now, been hearing rumours that the Barclay Brothers, who own the paper, have complained about the huge pay packets the paper has been handing out.

Meanwhile, amid constant rumours that the daily and sunday will soon be turned into a seven-day operation, my latest informant tells me The Sunday Telegraph sign at Victoria Plaza has been taken down.

“It’s all very petty,” says my impeccable source. “It’s as though the paper is filled with schoolboys marking out their new camp.”

Liz Hunt and Hilary Alexander, from the daily, are among those who’ve been drafted in to help sparkle up the Sunday edition now that.

Meanwhile, as we were going to press, the union types at the Telegraph were arranging a meeting to hear grievances. The union, my man in the shirtsleeves tells me, is “convinced” that the company is preparing for an integrated seven-day operation.

“This means Saturday working for all,” he points out.

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