Showbiz bible gets new look

The Stage will unveil the first total relaunch in its 125-year history on 27 April, with help from designer David Hillman, who created the iconic 1980s Guardian.

The new Stage will focus on breaking news stories on its website and provide content and analysis in the weekly magazine, which comes in a new compact size, full colour throughout and glossier paper.

The magazine, whose first issue is pictured below, was launched in 1880 and has been credited with launching the careers of Michael Caine, the Spice Girls and French and Saunders through its recruitment pages.

Managing director Catherine Comerford, the great-granddaughter of the magazine’s founder, said it had been planning a relaunch since 2004, and had undertaken reader research to find out how the industry wanted its showbiz news.

She added: "We have looked in great depth at the evolving shape of UK entertainment and the factors that influence it. More specifically, we have focused on understanding the changing information and needs of the distinct and diverse groups of people that, collectively, constitute showbusiness in Britain today."

Award-winning designer Hillman was brought in to create a "fresh and innovative look" for the family-run magazine, introducing a "more open layout" to attract younger readers and make use of the new shape and colours, Comerford added.

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