Short-sighted Expert Eye

The Evening Times has always welcomed constructive criticism, but
Geoff Elliot’s recent Expert Eye presents a somewhat short-sighted view
of the paper. One edition of a three-editionsa- day, six-days-a-week
newspaper during Glasgow’s peak summer holiday season is barely
representative of the product as a whole.

If his gaze had
lingered a little longer, I am confident he would have seen ample
evidence of the kind of content that impressed independent judges in
different parts of the UK to award the paper: UK Evening Newspaper of
the Year (Press Gazette); UK Regional Campaigning Newspaper of the Year
(Newspaper Society); Newspaper of the Year and Campaign of the Year
(Scottish Press Awards).

Come back for another look, Geoff, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Charles McGhee editor, Evening Times Glasgow

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