Shoot-to-kill story was a rare TV scoop

I argue with my students that TV news doesn’t really deal in scoops.
TV’s idea of breaking news is deploying complex technology to report
the obvious, albeit accurately and effectively. (How many times have
you seen a TV royal correspondent standing outside Buckingham Palace
trotting out the official response to a tabloid exclusive?)n So, if you
want the real story behind the disaster or political scandal, pick up
the papers.

However, hats off to ITV News for their excellent scoop on the London Underground shooting.

then, hadn’t I read much of it in the Mail weeks ago? The fact the
victim was not wearing a bulky coat and had not vaulted the ticket
barrier, for example?

I reckon I will always read most of it first in print!

Steve Panter Journalism lecturer Salford University

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