Shock USA lives up to its name



USA, the American offshoot of the French magazine Choc, is living up to
its title. The initial issue includes pictures of a disintegrating
human head, deformed victims of the Chernobyl disaster, a picture of a
woman who set herself on fire and a feature entitled “KKK Kids” – about
children growing up in white supremacist homes. Explains Mike Hammer,
former executive editor of Maxim and former editor in chief of Stuff:
“The idea is to give people an uncensored view of the world around
them.” How Americans will react to the new bi-weekly is uncertain, but
according to the Wall Street Journal executives of Hachette
Fillipacchi, citing the success of Choc, are confident it will be
accepted and sell well. However, just to mellow things a little, the
first issue also includes at least one celebrity photo – of actress
Jessica Simpson. But she is pictured making an obscene gesture!


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