Sharp dressers let down by sloppy errors

Whilst being secretly pleased by your piece pointing out I am among
Fleet Street’s best dressed men (Press Gazette, 19 August) I would be
very grateful if next time you feel the need to focus on my sartorial
elegance you could ensure my name was spelt correctly!

Chris PHARO News editor, The Sun

I can’t be the only subscriber who was shocked when reading your
“newsroom fashion” article on page 16 (“Taking the scruff with the

A picture caption states that smartly dressed Guy Adams got his suit
from ‘German’ Street. Surely, the caption writer meant Jermyn Street.

Have you dispensed with experienced staff? Or is the old PG getting a bit sloppy?

Disappointed regular reader, Judy Wade, by email


Editor’s note: You can take the team out
of Croydon… All PG staffers have consequently been enrolled on a course
entitled “Couture and culture” at St Martins College of Art.

Our apologies for both of these careless errors.

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