Sexist lads' mag sends women Nuts

Demo: protesters outside IPC

Men’s weekly Nuts has been targeted by members of the International Socialist Resistance, which staged a protest outside IPC’s headquarters at Kings Reach Tower on International Women’s Day.

Clare James, England and Wales coordinator of ISR, said: “We wanted to show that young women and young men are opposed to sexism and sexual stereotypes and the way women are portrayed in the media, particularly in a lot of these new lads’ magazines.

“A lot of people are insulted by the way it degrades women and men, saying that all men are interested in is women. Young women are becoming increasingly angry about it, which is why we decided to go to IPC Media.”

IPC staff were confronted with placards saying “Nuts to sexism”.

James said the protest was also linked to the fact IPC was making “massive profits out of sexism”.

She said: “A couple of the staff who worked on the magazine laughed as we were doing the protest, so our members shouted back and said, ‘Why don’t we have a debate about this? Do you want to come to a meeting and explain why you think your magazine is OK?’ and they didn’t even answer.”

James said the group is to decide the next stage of attack. Options include a petition and writing a letter to Nuts and IPC chief executive Sylvia Auton.

By Ruth Addicott

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