'Sex show' teacher's PCC complaint is rejected

A former teacher who had a child with an ex-pupil has had his harassment complaint against the Sunday Mail rejected by the Press Complaints Commission.

John Forrester also had complaints about accuracy, intrusion into his privacy and the use of subterfuge rejected in relation to the 12 August story headlined “Sleazy sir’s sex shows.”

The article reported that Forrestor – a former teacher who was engaged to, and had a child with, an ex-pupil – performed a weekly entertainment spot at the Sapphire Club in Aberdeen.

He complained that his cabaret act was not a “sex show” that he had not been “forced to quit” his post at Kincorth Academy, that the publication of photographs of him at the club,had intruded into his private life and that a reporter had not revealed her identity when she spoke to him at the club. He also alleged that journalists had repeatedly harassed him and his fiancée since 2005.

The PCC said that the offer of a letter – in a form agreed by the newspaper – was a proportionate and adequate response to the man’s complaint.

On the issue of privacy the PCC said: “It did not consider that a photograph of the complainant in a nightclub where he was the entertainer, taken openly by a customer with his consent, intruded into his privacy, and there was no evidence that the journalist had sought to disguise her identity or occupation.” The PCC found no evidence of harassment.

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