Sex ASBO claim woman wins damages from Sunday Sport

A woman wrongly identified by the Sunday Sport as being served with an ASBO after screaming for hours on end during sex has won damages and an apology.

Sex consultant Jessica Lewis sued through solicitors David Price over an article headlined: “Shagbo” which appeared in the Sunday Sport on 16 September.

The article alleged that a woman named Tracey Brown had been served with an anti-social behavioural order after screaming for hours on end while having sex, that she had ignored the complaints of her neighbours and caused distress and anxiety to them. The article also alleged that she had sought to justify her conduct by claiming she was simply trying to drown out the television.

A statement read out in the HIgh Court today said that the article was erroneously illustrated with a photograph of Ms Lewis.

It said: “The claimant has absolutely no connection with the woman described in the article and has never been served with an anti-social behavioural order.”

It also stated: “The claimant has received numerous enquiries from people who wrongly believe that she has been served with an anti-social behavioural order. As a result of the article her children have been taunted at school and the Claimant has been caused hurt and upset.

“The defendant has published an apology to the claimant in the Sunday Sport. However, the apology was of limited prominence compared with the original article. In the circumstances, the claimant has obtained permission to read this statement to the court in the hope that it may be reported and reach people who have seen or heard of the offending article but are unaware of the apology.”

The Sunday Sport has agreed to pay damagess and legal costs undertaken not to repeat the allegations.

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