Seven magazine makes plea for £750k funding

An independent magazine lauded by the founders of the Body Shop, Time Out and The Big Issue is seeking investment of £750,000 to set itself up on a monthly basis.

Seven magazine, which launched last month, has received praise from Body Shop founder Anita Roddick – who called the global culture and politics title "a great new magazine run by young and innovative minded people on a voluntary basis".

It has also received support from Big Issue founder John Bird and Time Out founder Tony Elliott.

Now Seven's group director, Marc Cameron, has asked for £750,000 to turn the title into a monthly proposition with an office from which it can further its global ambitions.

Seven started as a college project by Cameron and fellow student Michelle Akande, who is no longer involved with the title.

It won the Business Concept competition run by the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Enterprise in 2005 and has since been running as a website.

Its first print issue won nationwide distribution in Borders bookstores.

Cameron said the inspiration behind Seven was the lack of responsibility taken by the media on issues that really mattered.

"Even the liberal publications didn't seem to be writing about anything that mattered," he said.

"I wanted to create a high-end magazine where you could talk about global issues alongside art, film, music and fashion from around the globe.

"Some publications' idea of political is a very long way away from its truest sense."

Cameron is also currently developing the brand's own charity, the Seven Foundation, which will use funds raised by the trustee board and the magazine if it is a success to provide young people from underprivileged backgrounds with the opportunity to work on projects based around film, art, music, culture and sport.

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