Security Reuters priority

Reuters’ deputy news editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Mark Trevelyan, has been appointed security correspondent for the same area, based at its Berlin office.

The news organisation is also in the process of recruiting for an equivalent post in the US, based in Washington.

Chief news editor Anthony Williams said the positions were created to give greater weight to security issues. “We increasingly have specialists, not just in financial areas but in general news. With the security elements of post-Saddam Iraq, Al-Qaida, and September 11 more visible, it’s something we want to do well at.”

In addition, training editor Jill Tudor has been made bureau chief in Ankara. Tudor, who joined Reuters as a trainee in 1987, has been training editor for the past three years. “It’s a job that I was hoping would come up and I’m really glad to have it,” she said.

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