Scousers still won't play ball with The Sun…

It appears The Sun is still struggling to repair the sales it haemorrhaged in Liverpool after the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

The disastrous coverage of the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans by then editor Kelvin Mackenzie made it a hanging offence to be seen with the Currant Bun in Merseyside.

Editor Rebekah Wade tried again to put things right with gushingly supportive coverage of the club’s efforts at last week’s Champions League final in Athens.

The paper’s Whitehall editor and “lifelong Liverpool fan” David Wooding wrote two partisan pieces from the fans’ point of view.

Strange then, that Scouser Wooding appeared unable to find any fellow fans to quote by name in a lengthy piece for the paper about the tickets debacle at the stadium. Readers are told by Wooding that “one fan said” and “another added”. Seems that Scousers are still a long way from being ready to be named and quoted in The Sun.



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