Scarborough newspaper market heats up with launch planned for second monthly title

A former Scarborough Evening News sub-editor is set to launch a new monthly newspaper for the area this summer.

The Scarborough Review will be part of the Review series which publishes a series of monthly newspapers in the north of England with editions in Holme Valley, Marple and High Peak.

Founder Pete Spence was at the Scarborough Evening News for ten years before being made redundant last May.

He said the launch of the Review was in part motivated by a reduction in local news coverage of the area.

The Scarborough Voice launched as a monthly at the beginning of March, replacing the old Scarborough Advertiser.

The Review in Scarborough will have an initial print run of 10,000 and will be distributed in shops and venues throughout the town.

The paper’s focus will be on local news, sport and community issues, while 50 per cent of the 32 pages will be filled with advertising.

The title, which will have an initial staffing of two (one editorial, Spence, and one sales person) is currently looking for local advertisers.

Asked why he has decided to launch the paper, Spence said: “I still think there is a gap in the market for good community news and advertising.”

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