Saturday is the new Sunday for revamped weekend Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is launching a revamped Saturday edition this week as it has identified Saturdays as the new "battleground" for newspapers.

Changes include improved signposting, more integration with the website, and content to reflect the "changing lifestyles and interests of the Telegraph's readership", according to editor of Telegraph magazine Michele Lavery.

There will be new columnists and a range of features on topics such as digital developments and green living to reflect the "increased eco-consciousness" of readers.

Lavery said: "I connected all the sections together visually and contentwise and expanded the online editorial content in parallel to what we were doing on the pages."

The Arts and Books section is being renamed Review to reflect its coverage of film and DVD, music, TV, theatre and books.

Lavery said: "There is a sense that Saturdays are becoming the battleground of newspapers. You need to know about your passions at the beginning of the weekend rather than at the end.

"A lot of people work and shop on Sundays. The things that used to be sacrosanct no longer are."

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