Rupert Cornwell: 'An aristocrat by achievement in the grubby trade of journalism'

Tributes have been paid to Independent journalist Rupert Cornwell who has died aged 71.

Cornwell had been with The Independent since its launch in 1986 and continued to write a weekly column about US affairs until his death on Friday in Washington.

Before joining The Independent he worked for the Financial Times and Reuters.

Independent editor Christian Broughton said: “Rupert was as humble as he was brilliant, his peerless range extending far beyond the politics of Moscow or Washington, to boxing, ballet and baseball.

“In many ways he was a journalist of a bygone, romantic age, but he will remain an inspiration to generations who have passed through The Independent, and will be missed by all who knew him to be such a warm, lovely man.”

The Independent’s first editor Sir Andreas Whittam Smith said: “Rupert was, in the grubby trade of journalism, an aristocrat but by achievement rather than birth.”

As well as covering Russia and the US for the Independent, Cornwell served a stint as diplomatic correspondent.

In an obituary for The Guardian Robert Fox wrote: “Rupert carried on, acerbic and brilliant, through three years of cancer. In his languid, elegant style there was understated genius. His work is proof of the enduring magic of real reporting in the post-truth age.”

Picture credit: The Independent.

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