RTS sports awards winners revealed

ITV Sport's Gabriel Clarke, Channel 4's cricket presenter Mark
Nicholas and ITV football commentator Clive Tyldesley were among the
winners at last night's Royal Television Sports awards, while presenter Dickie Davies received a lifetime achievement award.

The winners and judges comments were:

Sports Commentator: Clive Tyldesley ITV Sport

jury felt our winner was in a class of his own. With a fine voice and a
wonderful command of the language, he's a man who can heighten the
excitement of the biggest matches. He always seems to get it right when
it matters and always seems to find the right words at the right
moment. And incredibly he gets better and better every year."

Sports News Reporter: Gabriel Clarke ITV Sport

it a personality profile, post-match interview or matchday feature, the
jury felt that the winner's pieces consistently hit the right note with
work of the highest order."

Sports Presenter: Mark Nicholas – Channel 4 Cricket

jury said that the winning presenter performed with sublime style,
unquestionable authority and a temperament that found him at ease in
every role he performed."

Live Outside Broadcast Coverage of the Year: England v Australia – Channel 4 Cricket A Sunset + Vine Production for Channel 4

winning entry's combination of an experienced broadcaster and the use
of some stunning close ups and replays from the production team
brilliantly captured the drama of the occasion. In the words of one
judge, ‘it was pretty near faultless'."

Digital Channel Sports Programme Award: UKTV Sport TWI for UKTV

"The judges described the winning programme as fresh and fun – and admired its admirable commitment to Olympic sports."

Sports Documentary: Death on the Mountain – The Story of Tom Simpson BBC for BBC Four

"A great story well told, said the Jury. Fascinating, emotional, vivid and evocative."

Sports Feature: The Big Fight Live – Khan v Kindelan ITV Sport Productions

stylishly crafted feature, with a combination of good journalism and
high production standards providing a revealing insight into the life
and ambitions of Amir Khan."

Sports Innovation Award: Formula One – Insight Features North One Television for ITV1

"The jury described the winning entry as succinct, sparky and brilliantly informative, with state of the art graphics."

Nations and Regions Sports Actuality Programme: Rugby League Raw, Paul Doherty International & Beaumont Productions for BBC One North

jury said the winning programme was illuminating, compelling and
entertaining. It's one thing to gain behind the scenes access but quite
another to edit it into a masterful piece of storytelling, which is
something this programme did superbly."

Nations and Regions Sports Presenter or Commentator: Alistair Mann Granada TV

"The jury admired the winning presenter for his witty and likeable style. Versatile and professional."

Nations and Regions Sports Programme: Season Ticket – We're Not Brazil, We're Northern Ireland BBC for BBC Northern Ireland

jury said that the winning programme entertainingly dissected a single
magical football moment and widened out its story to show how one match
and one goal became a cause for national celebration."

Creative Sports Sequence of the Year: The Boat Race – Titles ITV Sport Productions

jury described the winning sequence as stylish, well-crafted and
beautifully shot. It created a sense of history and heritage, and
captured the mood of the event."

Sports Show or Series: The Cricket Show – Channel 4 Cricket A Sunset + Vine Production for Channel 4

was a modern, fresh and sassy look at the world of cricket. Clever
ideas, tight scripting and two presenters who worked really well

Sports Pundit: Martin Brundle – Formula One North One Television for ITV1

outstanding operator at the very peak of his game – with an
extraordinary ability to simplify and entertain in an often complex
sport. He also exhibited a fearless authority on some of the most
sensitive issues – not least his gimlet-eyed pursuit of Formula one
boss Bernie Ecclestone on the grid at Indianapolis!

Sports Programme of the Year: England v Australia – Channel 4 Cricket A Sunset + Vine Production for Channel 4

jury said that the winning programme exuded excellence in camerawork,
direction, commentary and the creative use of new technology… and the
sport wasn't bad either!"

The Boat Race ITV Sport Productions: Formula One – USA Grand Prix North One Television for ITV1

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dickie Davies

a presenter in the true sense of the word. He became a star of almost
showbusiness proportions, recognised wherever he went around the
country. At one time he even drove to the studios in a flashy
Rolls-Royce. But make no mistake, behind the warmth and the wit and the
distinctive chuckle, was a real professional. He had a deep knowledge
of sporting events, an incredible memory for names and was a master
technician in front of camera. He could listen to the most complicated
of instructions while telling us that "Anton Otulokowski" had scored
again… and he could probably have done it while drinking a glass of
water if required. Let's face it, ITV needed all of his skills at the
time. In the heat of one summer's afternoon, Grandstand offered Test
cricket, the Open Golf Championship and racing from Ascot. But our
award winner STILL managed to look delighted as he introduced Stock Car
racing from Ipswich and wrestling from the De Montfort Hall, Leicester.
However, from 1968 until 1985, World Of Sport was an undoubted success
with its mix of the unusual, the exotic and the ITV Seven, thanks in no
small measure to its famous frontman. He went on to further success
fronting ITV's snooker and then Bobby Charlton's Scrapbook for Sky
Sports. If he were still available now, he would command a salary of
Premiership proportions, because he had that all-too-rare combination:
professionalism and personality. And by the way, those who worked with
him tell me he was a super bloke as well."

Judges' Award: Daryl Goodrich

of the most memorable sporting moments of 2005 was the announcement
that London had won the 2012 Olympic Games. It was a marvellous
achievement from Lord Sebastian Coe and his team, and will have a
lasting and profound effect on East London and our industry way beyond
the Games themselves. What is not widely known is the role that the two
films made for the London bid played in helping secure the vital votes
needed to win the Games. New York's film was produced by Steven
Spielberg. Paris called on Luc Besson. London chose someone who had
spent the last 18 years working in the heart of our world – starting as
an AP on Channel 4's NFL coverage before moving into high end
production of a wide variety of titles and promotional campaigns, from
BBC Sport to Sky Sports, Channel 4 cricket to ITV's Formula One. Lord
Coe sent this message: ‘The film in Singapore at the culmination of our
presentation was instrumental in nudging us across the line. I have yet
to meet anybody who sees the film for the first time who is not moved
by the narrative and the cinematography'. "


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