RTS journalism awards 2009: The full list of winners

Young Journalist of the Year
Hannah Thomas-Peter – Sky News
“A combination of fantastic access and great insight has enabled our winner to help transform health coverage on Sky News.”

Nations and Regions Current Affairs
The Story of Michael Barnett – Inside Out BBC Yorkshire
“A powerful programme with a sure touch…with the confidence to let the story tell itself.”

Nations and Regions News Coverage
Weston Pier Fire – The West Tonight ITV West for ITV1
“Comprehensive, engaging and professionally presented. It had outstanding pictures and a real sense of an event which affected the whole community.”

Scoop of the Year
HBOS/Lloyds TSB Merger – BBC News Channel
“Indeed ‘an extraordinary exclusive’ which heralded the extraordinary changes in the British banking system.”

Presenter of the Year
Jon Snow – ITN for Channel 4 News
“Yet another superb year, whether it was in the studio – interrogating politicians and bankers – or out in the field – from the Middle East to the United States. One jury member said ‘he’s just brilliant. There’s nothing more to say.'”

News Coverage – Home
The British Banking Crisis – BBC News
“The winning entry started with a scoop of the first order and followed it with reportage and explanation of the highest quality. It was without doubt the story of the year and showed BBC News at its very best.”

News Coverage – International
Congo Crisis – ITN for Channel 4 News
“Top class coverage of a consistently high standard… It was totally comprehensive, enterprising and managed brilliantly to use small individual stories to explain the bigger picture.”

News Channel of the Year
BBC News Channel
“The winning news channel delivered a fantastic series of scoops on the story of the year. It was a channel you had to watch to keep abreast of the breaking economic news.”

Current Affairs – Home
Primark: On the Rack – Panorama BBC for BBC One
“Not only an engaging watch but… thorough and also went the extra mile to lay bare the whole chain from refugee camp to the High Street rail.”

Current Affairs – International
Undercover in Tibet – Dispatches – True Vision for Channel 4 Television
“A truly great current affairs film that sheds light on the future. Filmed just months before Tibet erupted into rioting, this extraordinarily brave programme, made at great personal risk and with much hardship, illuminated the tensions and troubles of the country, with powerful testimony and pictures.”

Innovative News
10 Days to War – BBC Newsnight for BBC Two
“The winning series harnessed everything from drama documentary to a special website to re-examine events leading to the Iraq war in 2003. The jury saw this as a brave and successful venture to capture a new and younger audience.”

Specialist Journalist of the Year
Robert Peston – BBC News
“One journalist dominated this year’s specialist category. [He] owned the story of the Credit Crunch and its impact on the whole economy.”

News Programme of the Year
BBC News at Ten – BBC News for BBC One
“In a vintage year for news output, this programme shone through. The jury felt it had led the way on a wide range of major stories and the experience and quality of its leading correspondents had simply been unmatched anywhere else. It had triumphed on the big story of the year but had supported that with first-class reporting throughout.”

Camera Operator of the Year
Garwen McLuckie – Sky News
“The winner’s work in Africa was fearless and showed a remarkable empathy for the problems faced by people across the continent. His story-telling was impressive and his work demonstrated immense personal bravery and the highest technical skills.”

Television Journalist of the Year
Robert Peston – BBC News
“The winning correspondent produced probably the most sustained run of scoops and exclusives in the history of broadcast news in the UK… It would not be an exaggeration to say that a large part of the nation hung on the winner’s words every night — he personally revived appointment-to-view.”

Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter Wilkinson
“This year’s winner is, for the first time, a cameraman. He is not a household name – but you will all recognise his work. Many of the defining moments of our era have been captured through his lens, and he is one of the true pioneers of his trade.”

Judges’ Awards
Zimbabwe News Teams
“[This year’s Judges’ Award] recognises and salutes the work of a disparate collection of journalists, cameramen, producers and others who work under the radar, who have helped the outside world to report and understand a major international story that would otherwise have remained largely hidden from view.”

Gold Medal
Stewart Purvis
“[The Gold Medal goes] to someone whose name may not be widely known by the public but who has influenced, directly or indirectly, virtually everything we’ve seen on screen tonight. He is, without doubt, one of the makers of modern television news.”

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