Royal Family horror at Hello! spread


The Queen is to ban senior members of the Royal Family from appearing in celebrity magazine photograph deals following a feature in Hello! on her grandson Peter Phillips’ wedding where informal shots of the royal family were featured, reports The Telegraph.

Hello! magazine this week published 59 pages of photographs that included shots of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales, taken during and after the wedding of Princess Anne’s son, but according to The Telegraph the Queen was not consulted before hand.

The £500,000 deal that gave Hello! unprecedented access to the Windsor chapel and the the Royal Family has now been slammed as a serious error of judgment at Buckingham Palace, with the Sun reporting that Prince Harry, although aware formal photographs were being taken, was ‘incensed’that casual shots of him at his cousin’s wedding were also splashed across the magazine.

A senior Royal source told The Sun:  ‘The fear is that this whole tacky episode makes it look as though the Royals have behaved no better than a bunch of footballers’ wives. This unprecedented situation is nothing short of an outrage. Royals and private family events simply should not be put up for sale. There is certainly going to be an inquest into how this was allowed to happen.”

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