Ross and Brand prank call not too disgusting for Daily Mail website

‘Incredibly, the BBC judged the pre-recorded stunt fit to be broadcast on radio,’gasped a Daily Mail leader column on Tuesday about the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross affair.

‘Do they care nothing… about the sensibilities of ordinary listeners and licence-fee-payers?’added the editorial.

And in an op-ed piece, Sir Gerald Kaufman condemned the BBC for allowing transmission of the ‘deeply unpleasant’item.

Meanwhile, a certain newspaper decided that it was not so unpleasant that it couldn’t be played in full, by means of a YouTube video of the offending phone calls to Andrew Sachs, plus a full, uncensored transcript.

Which newspaper website apparently cared ‘nothing… about the sensibilities of ordinary listeners’and rebroadcast the ‘disgusting’and ‘outrageously offensive’item?

Why, of course.

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