Right On rubs Heffer up the wrong way

It’s all systems go at the Telegraph Media Group which is on the verge of launching seven, yes believe it or not, seven, new television programmes.

This includes Right On, a weekly political talk show with Ann Widdecombe, the Tory MP who has said she is stepping down at the next election (she will probably make shed-loads more cash when she’s no longer in Parliament), and Andrew Pierce, one of the paper’s senior political writers.

One of the aspects of the programme that the Telegraph has been keen to promote is an item called “Heffer Confronted”.

I am not sure exactly how many fans or readers the tubby, red-haired, right-wing pundit has, but I have no doubt he’s going around the place fuming. For at the bottom of the screen promoting his slots, it says: “NEXT – Simon Heffer harrangs politicians.”

“Don’t they know how to spell harangue?” asks my mole wearing a striped suit similar to that preferred by Heffer.

“Knowing how much of a famous stickler Heffer is for good English, he must be rather red in the face. I remember when he gave the staff at the paper a lecture after the Telegraph referred to the Queen as HRH rather than HM on the front page.”



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