Reverse ferret for Morgan

Piers Morgan’s piss-poor sports column in the Mail on Sunday has all the intellectual rigour of a GMTV phone-in quiz.

Perhaps that’s why, in a toddler-style tantrum after his ‘beloved’ Arsenal’s defeat by Manchester City, he called for the head of manager Arsene Wenger – the same manager who has brought the club countless trophies in the past decade.

Such pettiness does not play well with more seasoned supporters – or sportswriters. Enter the fray Des Kelly, who in his Daily Mail column labelled those calling for Wenger’s departure “stupid … foolish … inane … ignorant … newspaper loudmouths … nouveau fans … halfwits … spoiled executive box pundits … boors and morons.” I wonder who he could mean?

Meanwhile Morgan (who, incidentally, still owes me two grand) bowed under the weight of reader complaints and spent the following week’s column apologising profusely for his patent fuckwittery.

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