Revealing details of Ms Dynamite's home was wrong

Singer Ms Dynamite has had her complaint of breach of privacy upheld by the Press Complaints Commission after her record company claimed that publication of details of her new home in the Islington Gazette could put her at risk from obsessive fans.

Polydor complained about a Gazette article and photograph in March headlined “Chart star’s dream house is right next door to mum”.

It reported she had purchased a new property in North London. The name of the street was given and a photograph of the property was used.

Polydor said that including such detail made identification of the home possible and could put her at risk.

The PCC was satisfied that sufficient detail was included in the article for the home to be identified and in upholding the complaint was mindful of the particular security problems some celebrities have encountered.

The paper argued the story was intended to be a positive piece about a local celebrity. Nevertheless, the editor wrote directly to the singer to express his sincere regret for any problems caused and to assure her that in the future it would not publish photographs of her home in conjunction with the road name.

While the PCC was pleased the editor had tried to resolve this complaint, it has previously made clear that, when publishing details about a celebrity’s home without consent, papers ought to take care to ensure they do not publish the precise address or material that would enable people to find the whereabouts of the home.

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