Reuters offers film footage for US inquiry into attack

Reuters which lost two journalists to the conflict in Iraq, and has alleged that two of its local reporters were ill-treated by US soldiers who claimed “the enemy was posing as journalists,” has been instrumental in negotiations with the Pentagon to make conflict zones safer for journalists.

Its recommendations included weekly security briefings for media organisations by the military and better methods of identifying journalists in the battlefield, improved communication between military high command and on-the-ground troops regarding the presence of journalists and a review of the US military’s rules of engagement , said global managing editor, David Schlesinger.

Reuters has offered its footage cameraman to the U.S. military to aid in their investigation of the incident, something we hope is done quickly so that the proper lessons can be learned and applied.”

Reuters cameraman Taras Protsyuk was killed on April 8 last year when a US tank opened fire on the Palestine Hotel, the base at the time for most international journalists in the Iraqi capital.

Mazen Dana, a Palestinian cameraman, was shot dead west of Baghdad on August 17 last year .

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