Retired French crime journalist arrested for a string of armed robberies

Police in France have arrested a retired crime reporter after he was suspected of a string of armed robberies, according to his former newspaper.

The 63-year-old journalist, named only as Jean-Michel, was arrested following his sixth armed robbery since September 2013.

The former Nouvelle Republique journalist  was arrested in the French city of Blois by officers who knew the journalist from his days working on the crime desk – the paper reports.

French police said the suspect had worn a wig and fake moustache while robbing  shops shortly before they closed with the aid of a black, wooden-handled revolver.

He made an estimated €9,000 from his crime spree. However, police were easily able to identify the suspect after he was recognised. Worse still, he made large cash deposits into the bank following each successful raid.

France Info radio said that Nouvelle Republique did not reveal that the suspect had previously worked on their crime desk when reporting on the crime.

According to The Local, it is understood that the retired journalist turned to crime following a messy divorce as well as having to pay school fees.

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