Research finds 40% of magazine buyers prefer print

New research has found that 40 per cent of UK magazine buyers prefer to read print editions over digital.

The YouGov SixthSense research questioned participants on several aspects of their magazine consumption habits.

It found that women in particular have a 'strong affinity for print", with 45 per cent of those surveyed preferring it over digital.

Forty-one per cent of women said they liked the look and feel of printed magazines and 36 per cent said they liked the "convenience" of print magazines.

Around half of all those surveyed, however, said they were buying magazines less often – 27 per cent of men and 34 per cent of women said this was because of cost.

Busy lifestyles were also an important factor, with 18 per cent of those who buy magazines claiming to have less time to read them.

Eleven per cent of magazine buyers said they read content both online and in print, and just under one in ten (9 per cent) said they were reading more online.

The research also found that 'men have taken to digital options with significantly greater enthusiasm": 14 per cent read both online and in print compared with 9 per cent of women, and men were three times as likely to read more online compared with women (15 per cent versus 5 per cent).

YouGov SixthSense research director James McCoy said: 'Preference on this scale suggests that magazines still have a healthy future in print, although prospects vary by sector according to the attitudes of different reader groups, and this will inevitably change over time."

'It is possible that digital formats have made some inroads on physical print sales but these findings point the finger at cost and shortage of time as being far more influential factors."

The report surveyed 2,102 UK adults aged 16+.

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