Reports that Sun has scrapped page three topless pics described as 'wild speculation' by paper's spokesman

The Sun’s spokesperson has described reports that the paper has axed its Page Three topless photos after 44 years as “wild speculation”.

The Times reported today: “The Sun will no longer feature topless models on page 3 after quietly dropping one of the most controversial traditions in British journalism.

"The Times understands that Friday’s edition of the paper was the last that will carry an image of a glamour model with bare breasts on that page, ending a convention that began in 1970, shortly after Rupert Murdoch bought the newspaper and turned it into Britain’s bestselling daily tabloid.”

Sun spokesman Dylan Sharpe has not confirmed or denied the report, but he told Press Association: “It is all just speculation, it is all wild speculation."

Asked why the feature did not appear in the newspaper today or yesterday, Sharpe said: "The Sun occasionally drops it."

On Twitter, Sharpe indicated that these quotes should not be seen as an indication of whether or not the paper has dropped Page Three.

He said that "if the paper is not confirming or denying the reports they are, by their very nature, speculation".

Sharpe added that the comment "was no change on the previous position".

The Times, which like The Sun is owned by News UK (part of News Corp), reported yesterday that executive chairman Rupert Murdoch had signed off on the change of policy.



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