Reporter's 'dying wish' for more bone marrow donors

A journalist who revealed last week that he has only weeks or months to live is calling for more people to donate bone marrow.

Adrian Sudbury, a digital journalist at the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, has been chronicling his treatment for two rare forms of cancer on his blog since late 2006.

Last week he revealed on “Baldy’s Blog” that leukaemia cells had been found in the bone marrow that he received in a transplant last year. He explained that he had decided not to seek further intensive treatment for the disease, meaning that he now has only weeks or months to live.

Sudbury has committed to using his last weeks to highlight the shortage of bone marrow donors.

‘I’m 26 years old and will be dead in a matter of months,” he writes in a first-person piece that Trinity Mirror is making available to its newspaper editors.

“I will die from the leukaemia I have been battling for nearly a year and a half.

“There is only one thing left for me to try and achieve. My dying wish is that everyone reading this will think again about bone marrow donation.

“In around 75 per cent of cases the procedure is not too dissimilar from giving blood.

“If more people knew that then the 7,000 children and adults, who are still waiting for a transplant, might have a chance of surviving.”

Last week Sudbury was shortlisted in the Multimedia Journalist of the Year category of the 2008 Regional Press Awards. He has already won a number of awards for his blog.

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