Redwood soups up One Life for Land Rover

Land Rover magazine One Life has had an overhaul to reflect the lifestyles of the car’s owners, writes Ruth Addicott.

The redesign includes a change in format from square to 270x230mm and coincides with the launch of the Range Stormer Land Rover.

The 68-page title, which previously had five or six big features per issue, has taken on a more conventional magazine structure. A section entitled Discover has been added to the front, including articles such as camel racing in Kenya. A middle section includes articles on the Womad Music Festival and the film Touching The Void and a section called Experience has been introduced at the back.

One Life editor Zac Assemakis said it would feature stories and achievements of people “who embody the Land Rover spirit”, such as Ranulph Fiennes, who ran seven marathons in seven cities in seven days and was sponsored by Land Rover.

Assemakis said the team had been working with him on the redesign since he joined as editor last June.

“We have changed the format and the structure of the magazine inside.

When I joined, the magazine was already winning awards and had high production values, but we wanted to make it more accessible,” he said.

“It felt like a window on the world previously and we wanted to expand that and make it not just about journalists going to obscure places, we wanted to tell readers about things they could do themselves.”

One Life has a distribution in excess of 300,000 and is published twice a year in more than 25 countries.

Gavin Green, editorial director of automotive at Redwood, was instrumental in the redesign.

Lynn Watt has also come on board as art editor.

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