Redesigned Worker 'will reflect socialism's influence on culture'

Socialist Worker is opening up its pages to a wider range of writers as part of its first redesign in 21 years.

The weekly recently published an article by writer and activist Arundhati Roy and ran an interview with singer Peter Doherty, former frontman for the Libertines.

Editor Chris Bambery said: “Now there is a huge movement against capitalism and war.

Socialist Worker needs to again be the voice of the movement.

“That means opening up not just to the big names like Roy, but also to activists across Britain and the globe.

“It means changing our cultural coverage to take into account how the movement has impacted on music, the stage and screen.”

Another aim is to create an alternative community that the working classes can identify with.

Bambery said: “[Working class] people can feel there is nothing to identify with but David Beckham, and all that’s left is to get out of your skull on drugs and alcohol.

“We need to give a voice to those swathes of Britain which are voiceless.

We need a paper that gets involved in all these arguments.”

The new design was devised by art director Yuri Prasad and Guardian designer John-Henry Barac. Their intention was to move away from looking like a tabloid newspaper.

Prasad said: “We believe that the purpose of newspaper design is to emphasise content. We hope that our new design makes the paper more attractive, easier to navigate and easier to read”

By Sarah Lagan

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