Record number of complaints to press watchdog

The Press Complaints Commission has dealt with a record 2,300 complaints so far this year, 50 per cent more than in the same time last year.

It’s more than were received in the whole of 2000.

Sixty-two per cent of complainants in the first half of the year thought their complaint had been handled satisfactorily or very satisfactorily.

In 66 per cent of cases, the PCC either found no breach of the Code of Practice or no grounds to pursue an investigation after a suitable remedial offer by the editor concerned.

PCC director Guy Black said: “The record number of complaints is a welcome sign that our vigorous programme of proactive public information, endorsed in the recent select committee report, is paying big dividends – and shows up as false the suggestion that people are bypassing the PCC for other forms of redress.

“And the customer satisfaction survey testifies to the fact that ordinary people get very good value from us when they do complain. Our service is fast, free and fair.”

The PCC is to hold an open meeting in Manchester in November, the first of a series as part of chairman Sir Christopher Meyer’s plans for the permanent evolution” of the body.

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