a news junkie I was impressed by Gary Younge of The Guardian’s take on
the situation following the wrongful shooting of Jean Charles de

Younge describes how the “better safe than sorry”
mentality is understandable given the current climate, but reasons that
after de Menezes’ killing “we are left with one man dead, nobody safe and everybody sorry”.

The Independent, Hugh McManners, a former British Army Special forces
officer, continued the debate on the police’s shoot-to-kill policy. He
ended with a rather novel suggestion that instead of spending time
trying to justify what has gone before, the police might do better
explaining to a largely supportive public what to do if armed officers
need to know what they have in their possession.

Elsewhere, the
longest headline of all time nomination has got to go to The Daily Mail
for an article by Charlie Lee-Potter: “In an article that shocked
Britain, the Mail’s Lynda Lee- Potter was the first to expose how
terrifyingly easy ………..” Fifty-nine words later and I am finally
ready to start on the article. Brilliant!

Interesting article
from Geoffrey Levy and Richard Kay in the same publication detailing
the progress of the former Camilla Parker Bowles.

discussing the Queen’s newfound respect for her daughter-in-law and the
increasing cost of the latter’s wardrobe, readers were treated to a
nice piece of observation illustrating the startling difference between
what the Duchess of Cornwall is said to desire and what she eventually
gets, ending with the somewhat prophetic line “She has no desire to be

Emotive photograph in the Daily Mirror of an aid worker in Niger holding the foot of a starving baby.

wear wrist bands – one reads “Make Poverty History”, the other
determines how much food a child will get Looking forward to the
outcome of ITV’s The Shot That Shook The World – judging by the clips
this is journalism at its best!

Rebecca Foley is a freelance journalist

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