Reader becomes editor for a day

The Liverpool Echo ran a competition to find its most loyal reader
to edit the paper for the day as part of Local Newspaper Week. It
received a flood of responses, from which it chose 35-yearold supply
teacher Michelle Greer.

She chose three key issues affecting Liverpool for the paper to investigate.

They were regeneration of the community, tackling litter and eliminating the stigma attached to the people of the city.

the day of her “editorship”, Greer planned to lead on the fact that the
equivalent weight of 19 elephants is dropped in litter on the streets
of Liverpool every week. But then news broke of Kylie Minogue’s breast
cancer and she decided to splash on that.

Assistant editor Andy
Edwards said: “Michelle was so well connected to what mattered to real
people in the city. I think she’d make a cracking journalist.”

How the regionals marked the occasion
■ The Birmingham Evening Mail invited school pupils to talk about
the issues that affect them as young people as well as a feature on the
campaigns run by the paper.

■ The Evening Leader ran a competition for schools to produce their own newspaper.

Editor of The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Roy Wright, swapped jobs
with a local pub landlord for the day and ran a feature on the

■ The Grimsby Telegraph helped to raise money for its Breast Care Unit Scanner Appeal.

The Ipswich Evening Star ran a series of features including one about a
scheme that provides blind and visually impaired people with a link to
the community.

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