Rate your employer via our quick online survey: Praise the good ones and shame the bad

Press Gazette today launches an anonymous survey to find out more about journalistic employers.

Last week, we published a story pulling together employees' ratings of their places of work from Glassdoor.co.uk.

While this provided an interesting 'snapshot' insight into different publishers, it was on a small scale (Trinity Mirror received the most ratings via Glassdoor, with 16) and spread over a number of years.

To try to generate a fuller picture we have created our own anonymous questionnaire on Survey Monkey, asking journalists where they work, how they rate their employer and how much they earn.

Journalists can answer as many of the questions as they wish. 

It is intended that this is an opportunity to praise the good journalism employers and perhaps provide some pointers on how less well appreciated employers could improve their game.

Sharing salaries could help those who are underpaid for the job they do to negotiate a higher rate.

The survey should take you between one and five minutes to complete (if you decide to fill in the comments section).

All the anonymous responses will be made public (within the constraints of libel law) with the obvious drawback made clear that this is an anonymous survey.

Depending on take-up we hope to be able to publish a list of the best and worst journalist employers based on our results.

Here is the survey:

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