Rajar tests three new electronic listening devices

Rajar is to test new ways of measuring listening figures next month in what it claims will be a unique trial.

Three different audiometers are to be tested to determine how well they can identify up to 33 different radio services under as wide a variety of conditions as possible.

The test will take place over the weekend of 13-14 November and will involve 250 people.

Rajar says the audiometers should be able to identify all formats equally, whether they are music or speech, against a variety of extraneous background noises.

Rajar has committed itself to moving to an electronic measurement system to replace the traditional “pen and paper” diaries kept by selected listeners.

Rajar’s current way of measuring has come under attack fromWireless Group chief Kelvin MacKenzie who claims it is hopelessly old fashioned and inaccurate. Rajar has argued electronic measuring has yet to prove its reliability.

By Jon Slattery

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