Race to change pages as terrorists strike

Express & Star

 Within minutes of the news of the first crash, the Ipswich Evening Star had changed its front page – using a videograb image taken from Sky News. The story broke just on the Star’s deadline – and as the paper went to press, the second jet smashed into the twin towers.

A reader e-mailed the Star from New York within seconds of the tragedy and the paper’s online site was soon crammed with Ipswich ex-pats and holiday-makers giving eye witness accounts. A special edition was printed with three new first pages, including images from PA and Reuters.

The Wolverhampton-based Express & Star followed up a late afternoon special edition by taking on the nationals with an early-morning print run.

The timing of the attacks meant the evening paper had been able to use dramatic scenes on the front pages of its last two editions for the usual 3pm deadline. By the time the presses had finished, a nine-page disaster special was ready to run.

Editor Warren Wilson and his team then worked through the night preparing an updated special for a 6am print run.

"This is probably the biggest story any of us will ever work on," he said.

By Jean Morgan

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