Quinn quits 'smug' US papers for job in New Zealand

After four years as a consultant in the US, former Daily Record editor and Thomson Regional Newspapers editorial director Terry Quinn is moving to New Zealand to join Independent Newspapers in the newly created role of publisher of News Media (Auckland).

Quinn, who last year did some consultancy work for New Zealand’s largest newspaper group, INL, said: "I loved the country, the climate and the people and jumped at the chance to work out there.

"I’d become incredibly bored with US papers which are smug, complacent and utterly resistant to any sort of serious change. I’d also become fed up with consulting – it’s lucrative but soul destroying."

Quinn is closing his consulting business and moves to New Zealand next week. He expects to stay for two years.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned News Media (Auckland) consists of two national Sunday papers – the tabloid Sunday News, with a sale of around 110,000, and the broadsheet Sunday Star-Times, selling 220,000 – plus a range of other niche publications.


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