Publishers agree to boost recycling

Magazine publishers have signed an agreement with the Government to
increase magazine recycling rates by 30 per cent within eight years – a
first for the industry.

The agreement, which has been under
discussion for a year, was signed by PPA deputy chief executive Nick
Mazur and Ben Bradshaw, the Minister for the Local Environment, last

It commits the PPA and its members to working with DEFRA towards the target of 70 per cent recycling of magazines by 2013.

said: “This agreement highlights the seriousness with which the
industry takes its commitment to increasing the rates of recycling
through a number of key initiatives.

“This is a demonstration of
our ability to work with Government, and I believe is a template for
other industries that want to take their environmental responsibility
seriously and deliver tangible benefits against targets.”

said: “This may well be a voluntary agreement, but it commits the
publishing industry to some tough targets and pledges.

“We are determined that producers of products must increasingly take responsibility for their products when they become waste.”

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