Printers' union condemns Newsquest plant closure in Wales


Unite, the union representing Newsquest printers in Newport has responded to the news that the company will be closing the plant and is switching the South Wales Argus to overnight printing outside of Wales.

“The paper is treating our members and also its readers with utter contempt with this immoral decision. The Argus should enter into meaningful discussions with us over ways and means of avoiding this move,” Unite Regional Officer, Garry Owe said in a press release.

“The consultation period begins today and our first concern is for our members and their families, for whom this will have come as a major blow. We will seek urgent meetings with the management in an effort to retain the print facility in Newport thereby avoiding any job losses at all and certainly any compulsory redundancies. We believe that Welsh news should provide Welsh jobs.”

The union says the annoucement has come even though the company invested in brand new printing equipment just over a year ago and believe the move will affect the quality of the paper.

“The paper wants distribution to remain in Newport, so the printed newspapers will need to be transported before distribution takes place. Deadlines will be shorter, due to the travel time, this will undoubtedly affect the quality of the paper and readers will not have the most current and up to date Welsh news,” the union said.

Meanshile, printers at another Newsquest site in Worcester have voted unanimously in favour of union recognition in a recent ballot conducted by ACAS, according to Print Week.

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