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Press Gazette's Leveson Inquiry submission: Part 1

Lord Leveson heard from a range of press editors, bosses, hackademics and lawyers at his two seminars held in London last month.

But he has heard from very few ordinary journalists, and almost no-one from regional or business to business journalism, ahead of his inquiry into the hacking scandal.

In a year’s time, Leveson’s recommendations could form the basis for a radically different system of press self-regulation which will affect all of us – not just those on the red-tops.

That’s why Press Gazette is urging everyone with information or ideas about how the ethical basis of journalism can be strengthened to get in touch with Leveson.

He has made it clear that journalists can contribute anonymously. So now is the chance for anyone who has first hand knowledge of corrupt journalistic practices to get in touch with the judge.

He has invited submissions on the following topics:

  • Competitive pressures on the press and their impact on journalists.
  • The rights  and responsibilities of the press
  • Supporting a free press and high standards – approaches to regulation.

There are details about how to make your submission on the Leveson Inquiry website here.

Press Gazette will be making our own submission with a few ideas about how, looking beyond phone-hacking, the ethical basis for British journalism can be strengthened. In particular we think that any new code needs to give explicit protection to journalists who come under pressure from owners or editors to break the rules.

Press Gazette has also today sent Lord Leveson a copy of our ‘Journalists for Freedom and Fairness’ petition as well as a list of the names of those who have signed it. Among the big hitters urging Leveson to do all he can to support, rather than further undermine, responsible journalism are: Reader’s Digest editor Gill Hudson, Bolton News editor Ian Savage, Oxford Mail editor Simon O’Neil, Bath Chronicle editor Sam Halliday, Lady editor Rachel Johnson, former Daily Mirror editor David Banks and Reading Post editor Andy Murrill.

Here is the wording of the petition again:

The vast majority of Britain’s journalists work hard to tell their readers the truth under increasingly tough conditions.

We deplore the actions of journalists who have intercepted mobile phone messages. And we condemn any journalist who has breached the trust of their readers/viewers by being involved in corrupt practices.

As journalists, we believe in free speech and a robust free press and media. We also believe we have an overall duty to serve the public interest and the common good.

The press should be fearless,  exciting, entertaining, waspish, commercial and competitive.

At the same time journalistic integrity must be respected, encouraged and protected from political, commercial and other pressures.

Any reforms to press regulation should seek to strengthen the ability of journalists to report the news without fear or favour – and not further weaken it.

And here is the full list of names for those who have signed up to it:

  1. Stephanie Jones-Berry
  2. Joe McGrath
  3. Simon Edmond
  4. Stephen Hunt
  5. Natalie Martin, Leics
  6. Catherine Snowdon
  7. Tim Wallace, Financial Journalist, Kent
  8. Marianne Clough
  9. Ted Pugh
  10. Mark Faithfull, editor, Retail Property Analyst
  11. Rhys Griffiths, Folkestone, Digital Publisher, Northcliffe Digital
  12. David Stephenson
  13. Richard Howes
  14. Jon Harris Managing Director Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd
  15. Kimberley Smith
  16. Roz Laws, Sunday Mercury, Birmingham
  17. Paul Andrew James Dunne, Centre for Journalism, Kent
  18. Anna Reitman
  19. Emma Cox, freelance press journalist, London
  20. Phillipa Cherryson
  21. Ian Savage, Editor, The Bolton News, Bolton, Lancashire
  22. Stephen Eighteen
  23. Lyle Bignon
  24. Sarah Veness
  25. Bob Jenkins
  26. Paul Guinness
  27. Becky Slack
  28. Mark Patterson, freelance, Nottingham
  29. Jenna Thompson, Hull Daily Mail
  30. Gavriel Hollander, Infrastructure Journal, London
  31. Jonross Swaby
  32. Tegan Chapman, News Guardian/News Post Leader
  33. Tom McArthur, online producer and journalist
  34. Tom Bowker, Infrastructure Journal, London
  35. John Baker, deputy features editor, Peterborough Evening Telegraph
  36. Joshua Taylor, reporter, Burton Mail newspaper
  37. Neil Harman, Tennis correspondent, The Times
  38. Nick Rippington, ex-Notw Welsh sports editor, Bristol
  39. Bobbie Winter-Burke, London
  40. Ellen Arnison
  41. Peter Erlam
  42. Charlie Thomas
  43. Emma Lofgren, freelance reporter, Fife
  44. Graham Lovelace, journalist and former editor & publisher
  45. Bob Haywood
  46. Ian Ford, The Guardian, London
  47. Mark McKean
  48. Gill Hudson, Editor-in-Chief, Reader’s Digest
  49. Joe Lane. Freelance. West cork. Ireland
  50. Will Lyon
  51. Christopher Haines, Cardiff
  52. Susy Macaulay, photo-journalist, North Uist,Scotland
  53. Diane Nicholls, Assistant Editor, Downs Mail, Maidstone, Kent.
  54. Sarah Wenban
  55. Nick Stern, Freelance Photographer
  56. Denise Eaton, editor, The Kent Messenger
  57. Jamie Dettmer
  58. Lara O’Reilly
  59. Jo Bayne, Bath
  60. Rick Byrne – local press photographer
  61. Martin McNamara
  62. Anne Loader, former editor of The Crewe and Nantwich Guardian
  63. Andrew Don
  64. Rebecca Burn-Callander
  65. Emma Farley
  66. Dan Martin, editor,
  67. Emma Haslett
  68. Paul Durrant
  69. Stephen Wood (retired, ex Express Newspapers), Hartfield, UK.
  70. Kevin O’Sullivan
  71. Sam Holliday, Editor, Bath Chronicle
  72. Ian Hoare
  73. John Bray, Haywards Heath
  74. Katy Weitz
  75. Peter Wilson
  76. Daniela Queen
  77. Maggie Henfield Retired Journalist and University Journalism Lecturer
  78. Jean Rafferty, freelance feature writer, Glasgow
  79. Peter Austin, retired editor
  80. Danny Wright
  81. Jeff Fleming, Editor-in-Chief, Editor & Publisher Magazine, USA
  82. L Taylor
  83. Jude Smith
  84. Mike Jempson
  85. Rumy Vakarelska, Team New Europe, exclusive features and commentary partnership, London
  86. Marc Orme – Leicestershire
  87. Peter Rowe
  88. Louise Bolotin, freelance journalist
  89. Nicholas Mayes, Editor (SQA), Glasgow
  90. Emma Geliot
  91. Sally Murrer
  92. Joanna Geary
  93. Catryn Jenkins, Cardiff
  94. Scott Mcculloch
  95. Mashaal Mir
  96. Kevin Duffy;; Manchester
  97. Simon Angear, Content Editor, Weston & Somerset Mercury
  98. Derek Holmes, media consultant and former regional press editor
  99. James Wyllie
  100. Helena Williams
  101. John Davidson
  102. Patrick Neylan
  103. Samantha Pope. North Somerset Times news editor.
  104. Simon O’Neill, editor, Oxford Mail
  105. James Franklin
  106. Alice Woodhouse
  107. Mark Froggatt
  108. Tom Idle
  109. Madeleine Brindley, Cardiff
  110. Bridie Pritchard
  111. Andrew Pugh
  112. Philip Joyce
  113. Tim Gee
  114. Cristina del Gallego Baraibar
  115. Jon Norris
  116. Lindsey Partos
  117. Philomena Geary
  118. Jeremy Lee, Campaign
  119. Ashley Allen
  120. Lori Miles
  121. Ruth Stokes
  122. Andy Smith
  123. Peter Henn
  124. John Shone, Ellesmere, Shropshire
  125. Monica Adorno
  126. Paul Nettleton, Assistant Production Editor, The Guardian
  127. Jon Peake, Editor-in-Chief TV Choice & Total TV Guide
  128. Rachel Johnson, Editor, The Lady
  129. Ben Allen – Student, aspiring journalist
  130. Andy Murrill, editor, Reading Post
  131. Jason Collie, Assistant Editor, Oxford Mail
  132. The Phoenix Chief Advocates
  133. Helen Burke
  134. Mark Greener
  135. hamish Mackay
  136. Robyn Hall, Plublishing Director, Mortgage Introducer
  137. Richard Plant
  138. Steve Taylor, chief sub Devon and Cornwall Newspapers
  139. Bob Bridges
  140. Maria Thompson
  141. PJ Wilson
  142. Hamish Stuart, freelance, Cardiff
  143. Petra Silfverskiold, senior reporter, News Guardian / News Post Leader
  144. Michael Wale
  145. Julie Penfold
  146. Samson Dada, student journalist
  147. John Edgley
  148. Stephen Kingston – Salford Star
  149. David Banks, former editor Daily Mirror and ex-Assistant Editor, The Sun
  150. Pippa chambers
  151. Grahame Morrison, Surrey
  152. Stephen Wright, retired ITN journalist
  153. Kelvin Nicholls



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