Press Gazette top 50 political reporters: the full list

With the general election campaign now underway Press Gazette has named the top 50 political reporters working in British journalism today.

As with other Press Gazette top 50 lists the findings are based on a survey of 1,000 members of the public and a representative sample of specialist journalists working in this field.

This list does not claim to be conclusive but it is nonetheless a fascinating snapshot of who the top names are in political reporting as rated by journalists themselves and the general public.

Those surveyed were specifically asked to name reporters, rather than commentators, though not all those who made the top 50 would primarily describe themselves as reporters and not all those who voted stuck strictly to the brief.

The public survey was carried out by iCD research among a weighted sample of 1,000 people from around the UK.

There are a few surprises in the list and some surprising omissions. But as political journalists know only to well, that’s the exciting thing about democracy – you never know what the voters will decide. Where someone makes it on to the top 50 list mainly through the public vote, we have put a ‘p’next to their name.

When asked for the secret of being a good reporter, number one rated political reporter Andrew Marr told Press Gazette: “I think as with any kind of journalism, curiosity is essential. You also need a basic fair-mindedness. You have to accept that most of the people in the political game have mixed motives but part of their motives are good ones and they do want to make the world better, whether they are on the right, centre or left.

‘A good journalist treats the business of politics, if not everything that happens in politics, with a certain amount of respect – which I try to do.”

The Press Gazette top 50 political reporters was sponsored by Freedom and Responsibility.

Full details of the top 50 political journalists appeared in the April edition of Press Gazette magazine: Subscribe to Press Gazette magazine

1 – Andrew Marr (p), BBC

2 – Philip Webster, election editor, The Times

3 – Joe Murphy, political editor, the Evening Standard

4 – George Parker, political editor, Financial Times

5 – Adam Boulton, political editor, Sky News

6 – Nick Robinson, political editor, BBC

7 – Simon Walters, political editor, Mail on Sunday

8 – Patrick Wintour, political editor, The Guardian

9 – Paul Waugh, deputy political editor, Evening Standard

10 – Jeremy Paxman, presenter, Newsnight

11 – Sam Coates, chief political correspondent, The Times

12 – Norman Smith, political correspondent, BBC News

13 – Andrew Grice, political editor, The Independent

14 – Nicholas Watt, chief political correspondent, The Guardian

15 – Francis Elliott, deputy political editor, The Times

16 – Jean Eaglesham, chief political correspondent, Financial Times

17 – Nigel Morris, deputy political editor, The Independent

18 – Michael White, assistant editor (politics), The Guardian

19 – Patrick Hennessy, political editor, Sunday Telegraph

20 – Andrew Porter, political editor, The Daily Telegraph

21 – James Chapman, political editor, Daily Mail

22 – Robert Winnett, deputy political editor, The Daily Telegraph

23 – James Forsyth, political editor, The Spectator

24 – James Landale, deputy political editor, BBC

25 – Jon Snow, presenter, Channel 4 News

26 – Bob Roberts, political editor, Daily Mirror

27 – David Hencke, former Westminster correspondent forThe Guardian, now of Tribune

28 – Alex Barker, political correspondent, Financial Times

29 – Michael Crick, political editor, Newsnight, BBC

30 – John Rentoul, chief political commentator, Independent on Sunday

31 – Benedict Brogan, deputy editor, The Daily Telegraph

32 – Andrew Rawnsley, associate editor, The Observer

33 – David Grossman, political correspondent, Newsnight

34 – Rob Evans, reporter, The Guardian

35 – Trevor Kavanagh, associate editor (politics) The Sun

36 – Rachel Sylvester, columnist, The Times

37 – John Pienaar, chief political correspondent, Radio 5live

38 – James Lyons, political correspondent, The Daily Mirror

39 – Allegra Stratton, political correspondent, The Guardian

40 – Toby Helm, Whitehall editor, The Observer

41 – Kevin Schofield, political correspondent, The Sun

42 – Alex Forrest, political correspondent, ITV News

43 – Joey Jones, Sky News political correspondent

44 – John Humphrys (p), presenter/interviewer, Today, BBC Radio 4

45 – Andrew Neil (p), presenter/interviewer, The Daily Politics, BBC

46 – Jim Pickard, Westminster correspondent, Financial Times

47 – Tom Bradby, ITN political editor

48 – Brendan Carlin, political correspondent, Mail on Sunday

49 – Mehdi Hasan, senior editor, politics, New Statesman

50 – Paul Rowley, regional political correspondent, BBC

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