Press Gazette scoop search: Kruschev, Aitken, Diana, Ronnie Biggs and Northern Rock

Press Gazette’s hunt for best British journalism scoops of the modern era is hotting up.

Here are some of the most popular suggestions so far in no particular order:

  • Reuters (1956): John Rettie – Kruschev’s speech denouncing Stalin.
  • The Guardian/World in Action (1995): David Leigh – Jonathan of Arabia (Jonathan Aitken’s dealings with Saudi arms dealers)
  • BBC Panorama (1995): Martin Bashir – Diana interview
  • Daily Express (1974): Finding Ronnie Biggs in Rio
  • BBC (2008): Robert Peston – Northern Rock bail out
  • Daily Express (1982): Norman Luck – Intruder in the Queen’s Bedroom
  • Daily Mirror (2006): John Prescott’s affair with Tracey Temple

These are just a few of the nominations we have had in so far. The Telegraph expenses scoop has also featured in the voting.

But there have also been concerns raised that chequebook journalism is not as worthwhile as scoops acheived through other means.

My view is that a scoop is a scoop – and should be judged by the waves it makes and the follow-up it gets. But what do you think?

Press Gazette will be publishing a list of the top 50 best British journalism scoops ever in the July issue. To get your nomination in please email me – dominicp@pressgazette.co.uk.

These are tough times for journalists and the idea behind this journo-list (and some others in the pipeline) is to celebrate the best of British journalism, and provide a reminder of the great stories which inspired us to become journalists in the first place.

The deadline for nominations is end of play Friday.

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