Press Gazette magazine: Inside the August edition

Here are a few highlights from the August edition of Press Gazette.

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No sooner has The Telegraph restored everyone’s faith in journalism than The Guardian goes and spoils it all by revealing new allegations relating to phone-hacking at the News of the World.

In the August edition of Press Gazette we weigh up the new charges levelled against the NoW and look at where we go from here to restore trust in journalism.

Top scoops

Completing our search for the best British journalism scoops ever – we pick out the best scoops from 1997 to the present day. And name our top scoop of all time.

Desmond defeated

Tom Bower may have won his libel battle against Express Newspapers boss Richard Desmond. But he explains why the dice are still loaded against journalists in the libel courts.

Information overload

A Press Gazette Freedom of Information Act investigation has revealed the extent of the huge backlog of FoI appeals at the Information Commissioner’s Office.foi by you.

Family courts

Special report from the journalists who are in the frontline of the fight to report on family court proceedings featuring: Adrian Shaw (Daily Mirror), Sanchia Berg (Today Programme), Mike Dodd (PA), Mike Sullivan (The Sun) and James Brewster (Strand News).

Lynn Barber

In an in-depth interview she reveals: Who she would most like to interview, her worst interview ever, why she never plans to retire and the name of the “stirring and trouble-making” journalist who “stitched me up good and proper”.

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Summer reads

Lindsey Hilsum, Roger Alton, Maureen Rice, Mick Brown, Angus Walker, Martin Brunt and Elizabeth Palmer reveal the books they are taking on holiday.

Persian TV

How the Iran election protests became a defining moment for the BBC’s fledgling Iranian TV service.

Grey Cardigan

“You can tell the pips are squeaking in our newsrooms by the sheer number of literals now littering the pages of our national newspapers.”

Peter Kirwan on media money

“No-one is talking yet about green shoots. But something else is in the air…the emergence of a tiny hope.”

Kevin Marsh on phone-hacking

“If we’re going to spend our lives up to our elbows in raw sewage, then we have to have a measure by which we to persuade the public that journalist aren’t just as bad as the people we’re reporting on.”

There’s also:

Video on the move for journos in gadgets, the pick of the best photos from the Press Photographer’s Year awards, two-page sections on freelancing and training, Axegrinder and a blogging masterclass from British Press Award winner Dave Hill.

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