Press Association editor Jonathan Grun made freeman of the City of London

Press Association editor Jonathan Grun has been made a freeman of the City of London and as a result is planning to drive a herd of sheep across London Bridge.

The legendary editor received the honour at a ceremony at the Guildhall.

It is understood that freeman have the right to drive a flock of sheep – without the aid of a truck – across London Bridge.

Grun’s children decided as a result to buy him a sheep to commemorate the honour. Luckily enough to London commuters, the animal was an Oxfam Unwrapped gift sheep, and has already been donated to a deserving family in the Third World.

Grun was nominated for the honour because of his position within the Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. The Stationers dates back to 1400.

Commenting on the honour, Grun said: “For the past few years my children have given me Oxfam Unwrapped goats for birthdays and Christmas but it looks as if it will have to be sheep from now on.”

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