Premier League to review Sir Alex Ferguson BBC snub

Sir Alex Ferguson could face a series of fines after the Manchester United manager maintained his boycott on speaking to the BBC yesterday – contravening league rules.

The Premier League will next month discuss the possibility of sanctioning Ferguson after he failed to speak to the corporation following his side’s dramatic 2-2 draw with Fulham at Craven Cottage, a stance the 68-year-old has kept since 2004.

There had been speculation Ferguson would relax his position after the game amid pressure from the Premier League and League Managers’ Association.

But the United manager opted to continue his current stance with assistant Michael Phelan made available to provide analysis and comment should the BBC request it.

The Premier League reacted with disappointment to the news revealing they would discuss the matter at a scheduled board meeting next month.

A statement from the governing body read: “The Premier League is disappointed that the BBC and Manchester United have, as yet, been unable to resolve the issue of Sir Alex Ferguson providing post-match interviews.

“We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation and offer any help deemed necessary by either party to try and help remedy the situation.

“However, this is a breach of Premier League rules and the board will consider the appropriate course of action at their next meeting scheduled for late September.”

Ferguson’s has not given an interview to the BBC since the corporation ran a documentary in 2004 about the business dealings of his son Jason, who was then working as a football agent.

The BBC’s ‘Match of the Day’ host Gary Lineker said he hoped Ferguson would relax his boycott in his News of the World column yesterday.

“It’s a shame. We would like him to speak to us because we respect him and his teams, and always have done,” the former England striker wrote.

“It makes no difference to the programme because it’s action-led. But it does make a difference to the Manchester United fans.

“They are the ones missing out. I get letters saying: ‘We never hear from Sir Alex,’ and I have to explain. It’s something he feels very strongly about, so what can you do?”

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