Positive plans for Clydebank Post

The Clydebank Post’s new editor has used the issue of local land regeneration to put a more positive slant on the paper, which will focus on the forthcoming building developments at the site of an old shipyard.

James Walsh, who was appointed as editor on 6 April, wanted to pay more attention to events that will “improve people’s quality of life”.

He said: “Clydebank has had its fair share of bad times, and attention sometimes goes on the more negative stories, which we are obligated to cover.”

John Brown shipyard in Clydebank, which saw the launch of liners such as the Queen Elizabeth 2, was closed in the early Eighties and the privately owned land is going to be reused for housing and business investments.

Walsh wants to glean positive stories from the development process, which will occur over the next five years.

Walsh has worked at the Clydebank Post since 2001, when he landed his first job as a reporter after studying a post-graduate course in print journalism at Strathclyde University.

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