Portsmouth suspends ballot after pay offer

The Portsmouth News chapel has narrowly decided to accept the pay offer Johnston Press.

company's offer will see 5% for trainees, senior reporters and
photographers, 2.75% for the rest and 1% extra on 2 and 5 year loyalty

The chapel abandoned plans for industrial action after two
weeks of negotiations with the management following a decision to
formally ballot.

The NUJ said it suspended a formal ballot
after more honest approach from the company and an agreement to open
serious discussions on filling vacancies or deal with long hours.

There was a commitment to look at the higher paid bands for next year where increases have previously been the minimum.

David Maddox said: "The chapel has in effect offered the company a
final chance to recognise some of the issues of long hours and poor pay.

members were impressed by a more constructive and positive approach by
management and by an apparent seriousness to look at these issues.

members made it clear that they would be prepared to return to
balloting for action if there are no satisfactory outcomes from the
proposed talks we have before us."


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